One day, Bryan was on Twitter and he noticed that his followers started linking a tweet to him. It was from another Youtuber named TheGabbieShow. She tweeted out "if your entire channel is built on the name of other popular users for click bait and search engine results, i don't respect your channel". Bryan believes that the tweet may be aimed at him, so he privately DM's her. 

Bryan: "hey man, just @ me next time, I'm pretty sure that tweet was about me, just @ me next time."

Gabbie: "Then honestly that's your own insecurity about it. Never assume what someone means. My tweets have never been and never will be directed at a single person, except when I quote their tweet. It also includes people who put faces in their thumbnails or names in their titles (like freelee or most news pages). You may very well fall into the category but that tweet wasn't with you in particular in mind."

Bryan then watches Gabbie's vines and Youtube videos. Bryan talks about her videos because he thinks they completely contradict what her tweet says. He then roasts her with a diss track, making a few comments about her nose.