RiceGum's youtube channel was terminated on March 20th. He later found out who was responsible for doing this, Taylor Caniff. This is what happened. Taylor tweeted at him "come to six flags and catch six left hooks... for talking that shit on the internet, see if you're about it in person". Bryan responded "..wassup boy. im bout to put your ass on worldstar". After he sent the tweet, his channel was terminated. Taylor then tweets back at him "don't mess with me" along with a screenshot of his terminated channel. A fan tweets at Taylor saying "but he's mean to my bae Jacob" referring to Jacob Sartorius. He tweets back at the fan "I know, Jacob just told me so I hit up Youtube and they took care of it." 9 days later, Bryan uploads a video called "TAYLOR CANIFF GETS ME BANNED ON YOUTUBE(DISS TRACK)" where he makes a diss track for Caniff. At midnight, Caniff drops a video on Twitter saying he wants to fly Bryan out to California and fight him, and if he doesn't come, he's gonna release his information. They then privately exchanged in direct messages and talked about it. Bryan explains this in "TAYLOR CANIFF WANTS TO FIGHT ME".