I Didn't Hit Her is RiceGum's second diss track on The Gabbie Show, making her the first person to have more than one diss track. It was made due to an incident that occurred at Alex Wassabi's birthday party. It is available on Soundcloud and it has an official music video as well.


The Gabbie Show went up to RiceGum and challenged him to a live rap battle on Snapchat. After he declined, Gabbie then made a joke about him having a ghostwriter. She claims that he took offense to the joke and grabbed her, twisted her arm, and hit her. Additionally, he was accused of smashing her phone afterwards, which he later admitted to and paid for. Rice claims that he didn't hit her, and the reason he got mad is because she repeatedly posted him on Snapchat. Rice received a lot of backlash from people (including other Youtubers) and #RiceGumIsOverParty even trended on Twitter for a few hours.


  • Despite the diss track being released only a month ago, it is already his 3rd most popular.
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